About Us

Nacobre USA is one of the most important corporations in Latin America; it is committed to manufacturing, commercialization, and distribution of products made of Copper and its Alloys. Our main brands are: Nacobre, Cobrecel.

Who are we?

We are a Company with international presence, that manufactures and commercializes products for the construction industry.


Make the difference in the world of construction creating sustainable value for our sharcholders, employees, customers and communities.


To be the supplier of choice the construction industry.



This is who we are

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Commitment


This is who we are

  • Focused on results
  • Innovation.
  • Security
  • Teamwork

Social Responsibility

Commitment and Social Responsibility are part of our culture and values, which are applied to each and every of the activities we perform day by day. In Nacobre, we are committed to sustainable development, since we know this is the only way to achieve long-term viability, as a company and as a country. That’s why we have developed support programs for the communities where our production facilities are located, and we have executed agreements with the main universities in these regions in order to develop joint liaison and training programs.

Product Registrations And Certificates

En Eureka la calidad es nuestro mayor compromiso y trabajamos con los más altos estándares internacionales de calidad para garantizar nuestros productos.

Vallejo Plant

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Celaya Plant

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